Carver 31.25" Dine Skate Garden Surfskate Complete CX

Carver 31.25" Dine Skate Garden Surfskate Complete CX

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Carver 31.25" Dine Skate Garden Surfskate Complete Skateboard CX

Decorated with eye-catching Navajo graphics by artist Diné Di'orr Greenwood, this board is a fusion of precision engineering and artistic style.

With a wider spoon nose and large tail, this board measures 31.25" in length.

Every purchase of the Carver x Diné Skate Garden model supports the skate park project and transforms the lives of youth on the Navajo Nation.

The Diné Skate Garden™ was born as a labor of love within the tight-knit community of Toadlena, also known as "Tóhaaliní" (Where the Water Springs), located in the Two Grey Hills Chapter of the Navajo Nation. In this remote enclave, outdoor recreational facilities are a rarity, but the community's resilient spirit prevails, fueled by a do-it-yourself attitude. The project kicked off with a presentation by Diné artist and surfskater Di'orr Greenwood, who happens to be the 2022 Swirl Surfskate Fest champion.

Swirl Surfskate Fest 2022. As the conversations unfolded, a natural partnership was formed. With Di'orr at the helm of the artwork, creating a visually captivating Navajo graphic, this collaboration aims to make skateboarding accessible to Native youth. Together, they aim to change lives through the empowering spirit of skateboarding.

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